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What Is a Reptile?

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They are often difficult to see because of their shy, nocturnal and burrowing habits. As a group, they have scales or modified scales , breathe air and lay eggs. One of the best places to see most of these species in one area is in the Kruger National Park in South Africa which, by the way, is perfectly suited for a self-drive safari saves you money and you gain a flexible schedule - a bonus if you're into photography. Many reptiles occur naturally there and I have spotted snakes, lizards, chameleons and tortoises crossing the road.

On a recent visit a black mamba tried to cross the road just in front of my vehicle but as I approached it lifted the front half of its body off the ground and changed direction back into the grass. It happened so fast, in this case there was no time for photographs.

The Reptile Kingdom

The slow worm is found in heathlands, woodland edges, hedgerows and gardens. It is unlikely to be found in areas in which domestic cats are present; cats are known to hunt and kill the species. The slow worm hibernates from October to March. The species is ovoviviparous : the eggs develop and hatch inside the female, who gives birth to live young. The slow-worm is one of the longest-living reptiles.

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The species has been known to live at least 54 years in captivity, and may live for up to 30 years in the wild. The adder has a squat appearance. Some individuals are red-brown or even black in colour. The adder can reach lengths of up to 75 cm 30 in. The adder is found in heaths, moors and woodland edges.

Reptile Classification

It hibernates in the winter, and is most active in spring, when mating occurs. Although a bite from an adder can be painful, it is non-lethal to most healthy humans. Until recently, grass snakes in Britain were believed to be the same species as those found in Europe. However, in August , scientists announced that British grass snakes were actually a separate species , Natrix Helvetica — the barred grass snake, rather than the European Natrix natrix.

The barred grass snake is the largest snake found in Britain. It reaches a length of around 1 m 3. It has a pale yellow collar and black markings on its neck. The barred grass snake is greyer than the grass snake, which is greener. The barred grass snake is typically found in grasslands and heaths, often near water. It is often seen swimming in water.

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The barred grass snake hibernates during the winter. Females lay clutches of leathery eggs in decaying vegetation and compost heaps. It is found in similar habitats to that favoured by the sand lizard, namely sand dunes and sandy heathlands. The smooth snake is brown-grey in colour. The head is marked with a dark patch that can resemble a crown. A dark stripe runs along each side of the head from the nostril to the neck. The snake has a dark pattern on its back.

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Modern reptiles are a diverse bunch and include snakes, amphisbaenians, lizards, crocodilians, turtles and tuatara. Below is a collection of pictures and photographs of a variety of reptiles to help you become better acquainted with this remarkable group of animals.

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Their scale-covered eyelids are cone-shaped and have a small, round opening through which they see. They can move their eyes independently of one another and are able to focus on two different objects simultaneously.

Reptile (animal) - Images and Videos |

The eyelash viper Bothriechis schlegelii is a venomous snake that inhabits the low altitude tropical forests of Central and South America. The eyelash viper is a nocturnal, tree-dwelling snake that feeds primarily on small birds, rodents, lizards and amphibians. The Galapagos land iguana Conolophus subcristatus is a large lizard reaching lengths in excess of 48in.

The Galapagos land iguana is dark brown to yellow-orange in color and has large pointed scales that run along its neck and down its back.

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Its head is blunt in shape and it has a long tail, substantial claws, and a heavy body. Since that time, turtles have changed little and it is quite possible that modern turtles closely resemble those that roamed the Earth during the time of the dinosaurs. The American alligator is native to the Southeastern United States.