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  1. 50 Secret Meanings of Common Dreams
  2. How to work out what your dreams mean
  3. Common dream symbol meanings!
  4. Dream Interpretation: 50 Meanings of Common Dreams | Best Life
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Even people who are born blind dream — they just experience their other senses in their dreams, similar to their waking lives. Scientists estimate we dream at least 4 times per night, with each dream lasting between a few up to 20 minutes. During REM sleep , your brain is extremely active, much more so than during any other stage of sleep. Throughout each stage of sleep, your brain waves change.

50 Secret Meanings of Common Dreams

You have theta waves during light sleep , and delta waves during deep sleep , but during REM your brain waves mimic the same alpha waves you experience when you are awake. We only know they occur in humans because we talk about them. Even so, any dog owner will earnestly profess that their dog definitely dreams of chasing squirrels.

We still do not know why we dream. There are many theories out there, ranging from our dreams being completely nonsense with no meaning at all to their revealing deep truths about the meaning of the universe. Researchers also still do not know why we have so much trouble remembering our dreams.

How to work out what your dreams mean

The popular theory is that certain parts of our brain go to sleep during REM, which is why we have a better job remembering the dreams we had right before we woke up, as the brain is starting to switch back on. The below chart combines the results from 35 studies which tracked whether or not participants remembered their dreams. Clearly, people do a better job remembering their dreams after being woken from REM sleep. Besides dreaming, REM is also the stage of sleep where we process learnings from the day and commit them to memory. You only spend about a quarter of your total sleep each night in REM, with more of it concentrated in the latter half of the night.

This is why it is critical to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Research supports the connection between dreams and learning. A pair of studies followed students taking a French language course. The ones who made more progress during the course i. They also reported French playing a larger role in their dreams, with some of them even communicating in French. A study sought out to determine why we remember dreams better directly after REM sleep.

The researchers found that those who experienced more brainwave activity in their frontal lobes had an easier job recalling their dreams, further confirming the connection between dreams and memory. The same researchers also found that our most intense, bizarre, and vivid dreams are associated with the amygdala the part of your brain responsible for processing emotions and emotional memories and the hippocampus the part that helps us commit short-term memories to long-term. Charcot-Wilbrand Syndrome is an extremely rare neurological condition that causes people to lose their ability to dream.

Common dream symbol meanings!

In the first instance of this syndrome, the patient suffered damage to her visual cortex. REM sleep is also connected to our emotional health. One study found that people who experience more disturbed REM sleep also tend to have higher rates of insomnia and anxiety , leading them to conclude that REM sleep helps the brain resolve emotional issues while you sleep. These results confirmed results from a study which gave us much of the foundational research regarding dreams. In that study, researchers monitored participants using polysomnography and woke them just as they entered REM sleep.

When compared to their peers who were allowed to sleep through the night, the ones who missed out on dreaming also experienced higher rates of tension, anxiety, depression , lack of focus and coordination, weight gain , and even hallucinations. In , researchers observed how less REM sleep, and less dreaming, specifically affects our emotions. Insufficient REM sleep makes us more emotionally reactive. We feel negative emotions more deeply ,and positive ones less so.

Sleep is a perfect, uninterrupted time for our brain to process all the information we encountered during the day and decide what to file away for later, what to keep thinking about, and what to get rid of. Many inventors, artists, and other people we consider great thinkers attribute their own best creative work to dreams. Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine, figured out how to make the needle work, while Mary Shelley got the idea for her novel Frankenstein from her dream. Even golfer Jack Nicklaus discovered a new way to hold his golf club during a dream.

Much research including these studies from and supports that REM sleep helps our brain solve abstract problems. These abstract associations may help us think up creative ways of solving a problem. Dream incubation is the process where people aim to encourage their brain to work on a particular problem through a specific dream while they sleep.

One Harvard researcher put this to the test. She encouraged participants to focus on an especially challenging problem as they were falling asleep. When they woke up, half of the participants reported they had a dream that was relevant to their problem, and a third said the dream helped them come up with a solution! Some dreams are meaningless, but there is some similarity among more common types of dreams. By talking with the individuals who experienced these specific types of dreams, psychologists have come up with some theories as to what they may mean.

However, it should be noted that like you, your dreams are unique, and so is their meaning and their cause. How we and the other people in the dream feel about our nakedness is also telling. If they are shocked or offended, it may be an indication that our anxiety is well-founded.

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Falling dreams are another common type of anxiety dream. Although, their significance is similar to falling dreams: running dreams also suggest a lack of confidence and a sense of powerlessness. Like a character in a horror film, I felt strangely compelled to explore, even while dreading what I might encounter. In the garage, I found a crumbling horse-drawn carriage.

And throughout the house, I found more and more crystal lamps. There must have been thousands of them lighting my way. In the 19th and 20th centuries, scholars largely abandoned these supernatural ideas. Prominent figures such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung instead concluded that dreams provided insights into the inner workings of the mind. At its core, his theory stated that while our conscious minds slumber, our unconscious minds produce images that can give us special insight into our deepest selves.

Dream Interpretation: 50 Meanings of Common Dreams | Best Life

Although people often think that the brain is shut down during sleep, researchers now know that sleep is a period of intense neurological activity. Much like computers must periodically optimize their hard disks, our brains must continuously consolidate the memories we have stored. You can think of it as a kind of neurological housecleaning, sweeping away the unnecessary experiences from the previous day and storing the important ones more securely. Although not all researchers agree, many think that dreams may be an unintended consequence of these and other underlying neurological processes.

Harvard psychiatrists J. This is why dreams seem so illogical and strange. Psychology professor Bertram Forer first demonstrated this effect in , when he administered a fake personality test to 39 students. The average rating was an astounding 4. Even though they sound specific, they can apply to almost anyone, much like the interpretation of my haunted house dream.

We could reasonably ask the same question about almost any interpretation given by a dream dictionary. Their perspective, the Neurocognitive Model of Dreaming , is complicated, and impossible to completely explain here. Instead, Nielsen and Levin believe, the stories our brains weave from seemingly random dream images are guided, at least in part, by our emotional states.

For instance, as the amount of negative experiences in our waking life rises, the probability of having bad dreams also rises. This may be why people who have experienced trauma are more susceptible to nightmares than others. When the process is working properly, dreams use the stresses and waking concerns in our lives as source material, taking them apart and reassembling them into odd but generally harmless stories, a procedure which ultimately allows us to move past them. Like many year-olds, I was full of youthful angst as I encountered the stresses of growing up — feelings which showed up in my dream.

Nevertheless, the author infers that dream interpretation is all about decoding a secret message according to a fixed pattern. It would have been good if the author had read up on psychological dream interpretation, instead of taking examples from dream dictionaries online. The dream function was created by evolution to keep the organism alert. Faceboook Twitter Instagram. Pets News Newsletter. Toggle secondary navigation Pets News Newsletter Follow.

9 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

Here's why you're always late for class in your worst nightmares. By Alex Palmer April 10, Latest News. Smarter Living.

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