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In the fourth quarter of the '92 title game, it looked like Florida would march to victory once again. But then came one play that not only changed the course of the game, but also helped shape the future of college football. The first SEC Championship Game was ultimately seen as a major success, rather than an ill-conceived experiment. ESPN Films launched the "Storied" documentary series in September , presenting fans the opportunity to explore the rich athletic history of the Southeastern Conference.

From extraordinary athletes and coaches to defining games and moments, the "Storied" series features films from the SEC's recent and more distant past. I think it was separating themselves from the pack. I would rather see my Buckeyes play all teams rather than skip a Wisconsin or Nebraska for a cupcake MAC team when we are required to play all teams in the division.

I agree about the 8 team playoff and your format for doing so. Remember, not everything in college football are the playoffs. Some teams are not realistically pushing for that goal in a particular season. Some teams are just trying to get bowl eligible in certain years. And forcing them to play non-conference schedules that are not of their liking could severely affect their ability to even get bowl eligible because they have too many non-conference losses.

Teams should have the ability to schedule whomever they want in non-conference play. For example, Utah. Their schedule is already really tough. It was James Sawyers 9 Aug Reply. George Wrighster 10 Aug Reply.

101 Best Quotes from College Football

Matthew Thomas Castleton 12 Aug Reply. MussMan 12 Aug Reply. Why would you give an automatic playoff spot to the highest ranked G5 team? Why would we give a G5 team a golden ticket for playing a weaker schedule? If they get an auto-bid, make them earn it by being ranked in the top 8 or even top Robert 13 Aug Reply. You may want to check the date on that Nick Saban quote. George Wrighster 14 Aug Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

I think guys make up their mind earlier now.

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There is no magic date. The school who signs him is in good shape. How are you and your staff changing your recruiting strategy with the ban on text messaging scheduled August 1st? Be with you in a minute smiling. Obviously, you know, you get in the season you got one phone call a week. You got to make that count. You write them letters like we used to. We still did, even though you text them. You still do it. You can email them. I think young men will be able to go to school and not worry about getting text messages during class.

29. Louisville

I talked to a lot of high school coaches last spring when I was out on the road. They were pretty fired up about doing away with the text messaging. You know, I think it had become a problem. Can you talk about your eight game home schedule, the importance of that overall this year. I think it worked out that all of our non conference games were at home this year. We need to play better at home.

We actually made a little emphasis during spring practice to practice in the stadium more, to make sure that we did feel like that was where we were going to win football games. It just makes life a whole lot simpler.

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  6. Makes it easier for our guys in school. They can stay in their routine, get their schoolwork done. I think right now our season ticket sales have been up a good bit.

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    That will help our football team, too. Did you have any idea Earl Bennett would be on the doorstep of becoming the all time leading receiver in SEC history as a junior? I think day before yesterday he received an Outstanding Citizen award from Birmingham for the city. Everybody thinks we stole Earl.

    A lot of people knew about Earl. Our coaches did a good job of recruiting him. As a recruiting coach and staff you look at those guys and you try to project where they can play in your system. You try to look, see who they played against in high school. Sometimes you take a chance and you make a big coup in recruiting. Sometimes you make mistakes. You try to limit those mistakes as much as you can. The key to I think having a great program is consistent recruiting, you know, over four , five , six year period.

    Do offensive lines take longer to build?

    101 College Quotes

    We had only four guys the first spring practice. We were looking for the fifth guy. Knew they were going to make us play with five when we started the season. We were looking hard. Again, we were coming off just getting there, trying to recruit. Some of the guys we recruited were good players.

    It took us a while to build it up. He came to Vanderbilt as a pound guy. They did a smart thing. I applaud the NCAA for giving that young man another chance. Experience and depth. We got some guys that are going to back those guys up, who are pretty good, and actually pushing some of those guys for the starting position. Two guys that you mostly did without last year were Jeff Jennings and Stamper, who you just mentioned.

    I assume they had major rehabs. Talk about their readiness to play this year, and what having a healthy Brian Stamper will have for your team. Had an operation on his back after the season. Was actually ready to go for spring practice and broke his foot about the third practice. We call him Lucky now smiling. To get him back, obviously he was a quality player but also just the depth part of it and the leadership part of it. Jeff Jennings hurt his knee in the next to the last game in the season.

    Did not play at all last year. Jeff was having a very fine year. Jeff is a big back.

    Inductees | Football Players & Coaches | College Football Hall of Fame

    He can get those short yardage things. He also has a little in that case on the goal line to get in the end zone. Those two things are going to help our running game. We threw the ball very well last year. Our quarterback ran very well. In fact, he was our leading rusher. Our running game needs to get better.