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So happy for you!! We are constantly learning to make big sacrifices if we want to reap big rewards! Reading your story and surrounding ourselves with people that also think this way can be the fuel for the fire. We are moving in with my dad to get out of debt this coming year. Praying for strength and a gracious heart as we make this transition. God has blessed us and I hope we can bless Him in return for His love and generosity!

Proven Biblical Money Principles - Dave Ramsey

Thank you for sharing and congratulations! Wow Liz! Praying your journey to debt free goes super fast and that God will honor your sacrifices as you follow His calling. This is inspiring and totally possible for me… with one obstacle. My husband is totally not on tge same page at all and has no desire to be debt free. Hi Anna! This really makes us consider more options loans and it opened our eyes towards a great repayment plan. I usually am scared on taking up loans cause I am not sure on how to handle it, but seeing your made me have that confidence. More debt? Constant financial stress?

But for now, I would say if you feel your income is too small, then the next step would be finding a way to earn more, right? Being debt free can be done! The key is wanting to do it, and then making it happen just like Shannon said. For me, I believed in the debt snowball plan, but switching to cash envelopes drove me crazy. It really does help your budget though! That is a huge accomplishment! But there are so many other stories out there like ours where people are getting out of debt even on a small income.

Thanks for sharing your story!! Your welcome! I think the discouragement comes from people not realizing it takes only one step. Just one to make a difference. I really think it is a matter of a few small changes adding up over time. Excited this article got the traffic it has gotten. Congratulations on becoming debt free….

What book is everyone learning from and what is the snowball effect! I believe I can come out of this debt nightmare!! Just that you started paying off the debt and then nine months later you were done. Not for normal people. Hi Sarah! We are up and running again, so I encourage you to head over and check out the 9 crazy things post. We also used most of the techniques in the 97 Easy Ways to Save Money post. Thanks for stopping by!

And I get even more inspired when I read stories such as this.

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I love this story!!! I get so motivated reading about your success in such a short period. Great read! We made the payments for 4 months until Christmas and then we decided that the car would be paid off in another 6, that we would own it exactly a year after we bought it! Not only did we succeed we also saved our entire 6 month emergency fund in another 6 months!

Debt free is so worth it! He seems to think us being in Southern California it will not work. For sure, we had the benefit of living in an area with relatively low cost of living North of Spokane, Wa at the time. Take each of your budget items and ask yourself what would we have to do to radically reduce this expense.

The faster you get out of debt, the sooner you can start living a financially free life and intentionally spend in the areas that are really important to your family. I am very interested in what you have to say! Please, and thank you! My husband and I paid off 16, in 8 months. It was hard, but it helped to get back to our farming roots and save money by growing our own food and reusing everything we possibly could! Just some feed back. I thought the same thing!

So obviously that would be impossible for us and for most people. My wife and I went through the Ramsey plan and the snowball is kinda addictive… I love killing off the little debts and building momentum for the bigger ones. We achieved non-mortgage debt freedom and it was great. Thanks for sharing such a great idea on how to pay off debit in short time.

According to some statics, the average U. I am a disabled veteran that had to medically retire in after 28 years of service. My house got damaged in the storm 2 weeks ago and I have no insurance. Because my house is under renovation no one will give me an equity or loan against my house until the damages are fixed and I can move into it. Hey, I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I am already building my list to see where my money is going and adding up my debts to start the snow ball effect.

I am only 22 years young already in debt. It has been so overwhelming for me but I am so determined to make my new year which is Nov 23 the year of financial freedom! I am tired of being consumed with debt, a horrible credit score and the stress it causes me. I also have a blog and want to start gaining income from it.

Does Romans 13:8 Teach It Is a Sin to Borrow Money?

Although I know this journey will be tough and Ill need to be extremely fugal, I am excited to share with the world that it is possible to be debt free, especially if I can do it! THANK you growingslower, you have come right on time for me to have crossed your path. Thank you for sharing your story, Jasmine! I pray your journey to debt free will be a smooth one :. I had to write a comment for the fact that I think God is so Good,he lead me to your this website. I knew as a mother I could get that line item down.

As I was reading your post and before you mentioned Mr. Ramsey I said to myself she sounds like Dave.. So happy to have found you. Keep fighting the good fight and spreading hope. HI…so glad to know that becoming debt free is really possible. Then we close our eyes and did things that were plan dumb. Allowed our children in incurred hefty student loans, took out an equity loan and paid the minimum due for years. And then to our surprise, my husband lost his job. I took the Dave Ramsey course years ago but it was hard to get the family members to take it seriously.

Now I am paying high interest rates on credit cards and can only pay the minimum balance. Charging on credit cards prescription medicines because of no insurance. I have lost hope. God I need a miracle. I am so sorry you are going through this! Debt really is an ugly and painful thing. I pray that you will be able to get back on track quickly and easily. To be certain we worked hard to be debt free, but God truly did work a miracle and put things in place so that we could get out of debt so much faster.

I hope the same will be true for you! Hi Shannon, what a great story! Congratulations on getting out of debt in such a short amount of time. Congratulations on being debt free, Shannon. You inspired and motivated me to work harder to pay off my debt. Little by little, I was to able to reduce my debt and thanks to you. Your email address will not be published. I believe you can be a stay at home mom without constantly stressing about money.

Let me help you thrive financially — so you can spend more time with your family. Want to Save on Groceries? Brooke S. Shannon Brown on September 24, at pm. Michelle on February 6, at pm. Nathan on March 27, at pm. Shannon Clark on March 27, at pm. Jamie Carter on February 24, at am. Mommy on a mission on September 23, at pm. Angie Martinez on April 11, at pm. Shannon Clark on May 14, at pm. Heather on September 24, at am. This is really encouraging.

Priscilla on September 24, at pm. Sasha Savoy on September 25, at am. Shannon Brown on September 25, at pm. Brianna on September 30, at am. Jenni on February 1, at pm. Ericka Johnson on December 3, at am. Jessica on September 25, at pm. Heather My Overflowing Cup on September 25, at pm. Pamela on July 20, at am. I will pray for you as well since I was there until just recently. Anonymous on September 26, at am. YOU did all of this, not god. Reply to Anonymous on December 4, at am. Heather My Overflowing Cup on January 1, at pm. Anonymous on December 27, at am. Every good and perfect gift is from above : everything we have and are able to do is thanks to God and his blessings Reply.

Becky Elmuccio on September 26, at am. Kylie Worthington on September 26, at am. Shannon Brown on September 26, at pm. Brittney M on September 26, at am. That is a huge accomplishment to get it done so fast! Kelly on October 5, at pm. Heather on October 7, at pm. Zaneta M on October 29, at am. Shannon Brown on October 29, at am. Liz Droesch on November 3, at pm. Shannon Brown on November 3, at pm. Amber B on December 5, at pm. Shannon Brown on December 7, at am. Cindi Dunn on December 7, at am. Excited to learn more.. Hugo Shelley on December 28, at pm.

Truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing this post. Shannon Brown on January 9, at am. Misty on January 15, at am. Shannon Brown on January 15, at am. Appointments can take place either over the phone or in person, and they don't obligate you to anything. The Counsellor will review your whole situation with you and then suggest options to help you reach your goals. Typically, the earlier you contact a Credit Counselor, the more options you'll have. Get Some Help. This article was originally published on May 3, but has been updated several times since. Practical ways you can quickly tackle your maxed out credit cards and take your first real steps toward getting out of debt.

This is good practical advice. I am in debt like most people, but being a single parent is even more challenging. This has helped me to look at things more practically and gave me a refreshed look at how I am going to shovel my way out. Also, reminds me of the mistakes I have made to put myself in this position in the first place.

This is great advice and I have been doing some of these steps successfully since getting assistance from CCS. I am so fortunate to have a great friend who has led me in the right directon to becoming debt free. As a single mom of two daughters, i was barely making it from pay check to paycheck. The debts were building up as the days went buy and at one point, the bank was going to put a lein on my house.

I am now working at home part time and can see the debt dwindling down!! I am in the same situation. I have been looking for a job and no luck. You mentioned that you are working part time from home, i would like to find out whether I could do the same. I am in the same situation.. It's frustrating, how did you find work from home?

Helping Families Thrive™

Can you help me see if that's something I could do to help out with bills and debt? Not sure if you are still looking for work from home. I have two suggestions for you if you are. I currently work from home for a company which helps to improve the search engines. The work is fun, but you have to read the study materials and really study hard. The work itself is not difficult but passing the test can be challenging for some people.

Also, this is my third work from home position since , I found all of the jobs I have worked from home from the Work at Home moms forum. I also have another money saving tip that some people might find helpful. Skip the cleaning supplies and just buy white vinegar. I only buy vinegar and castile soap, it saves hundreds a year. Seeing that I'm doing things right before I even read this.

I was a single mom and almost had all my debts cleared but after a failed business for a few years and living off credit cards and no earning. I'm back at square one. Worse off all my husband made such poor decisions with cars, business and personal spending, it left me hopeless. We got kids, house and lots of bills. Earning slow and spending fast, it's Frustrating! Where do we go from here??? Hi Shannon, Treading water isn't fun. If you're doing the best you can on your own and aren't getting anywhere, it may make sense for you to sit down with one of our Credit Counsellors and see if they have any suggestions on how you can move forward.

It may be that you're doing everything that can be done, but if they can share some insights or come up with some ideas that may help you, the visit could be well worth your time. There's no cost to speak with any of our Counsellors, and they can even help you over the phone if you prefer.

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Great advice I have been out of work since September I'm about to become homeless. I have applied to about jobs in that time. I have an abundance of experience, education, training IT and GIS , and have had recruiters and employers alike all tell me that my credentials and resume are impeccable. So why can I not find a job? Let's first solve the one job problem before we tackle a second income to pay off debt. I have asked for feedback from recruiters dozens of times I either get the same response as above, or simply nothing at all.

We would encourage you to look into your local employment centre for support around finding work. I have 14, on a credit line and left on the mortgage. We will be getting 14, soon and wondered if we should put the money to pay off the credit line or pay down the mortgage. What do u think? Hi Anne Marie, It all depends on your financial situation. Here are some things to consider: 1 Which debt has the highest interest rate? You'll probably save the most money if you pay down the debt with the highest interest first. If not, consider putting some of the new money aside as savings, or pay down the line of credit enough to give you room to handle any emergencies like vehicle or home repairs that may arise.

If having better credit will get you a better interest rate on your mortgage, then this would be an important consideration. You may also benefit from sitting down with a good financial planner. They can look at your whole financial picture, give you the best guidance for this decision, and help you create a clear road map so you can achieve your long-term financial goals.

As a manager at my job, I hear people complaing every year at raise time. I was guilty of this at one time as well. I finally realized complaining wasn't helping so I decided to take a look at my finances. After checking website after website, I decided my first step was to track my spending.

Instant raise. We need to see how were spending our money and how to get our money to work for us. I had a line of credit 5. Throw out those weekly flyers, you will only find things that you don't need. Sure, when you want something, then look around when your ready to buy.

I have 2 children that I had played competitive soccer and we travelled lots. Pack a lunch, it is better for you and them, as well as your wallet. Join you local buyers club, save on groceries. There is my rant. Very good advice Ron. You've got a great perspective.

Does Romans Teach It Is a Sin to Borrow Money? | Counseling One Another

With a little work, most people can find at least one way to give themselves a raise. Tracking spending like you did is typically one of the best places to look. Excellent article! I really support tips 3 and 4. Pay off the most important debts and expensive ones first. There is no need to hold back or wait around to pay off those debts. There is no need to buy or lease an expensive car right away. Get a used car, it will help you out in the long run.

I was a gambling addict and once was burried in alot of debt. It only took me 2 years to clear all of it. Very easy but you need focus determination and a sound mind. Invest in a decent budgeting software and use it. Sell off old stuff for extra cash and use it as a capital to start your own small business. It can be manythings, look for cheap deals online or your local website newspaper garage sale etc, buy fix and resell or just buy and resell on ebay or craigslist or kijiji. Then look for part time job like 15hrs a week that works with your schedule. Anything from bagging groceries etc.

Instead buy cheaper groceries and make your own fancy dish. Be smart. Eliminate friends family or anyone that you feel will not show support or want you to go out etc. If you have kids do groceries take them on picnics etc. Like i said eliminate all going out or anyone linked with going out that will cost you money.

If you spend your money on fancy things. Sell those fancy things for cheap it will hurt but will teach you a lesson. No debt is unpayable. You just need to be smart. Money is all around to make. Its just paper man created to get rich. Dont waste your life behind it. Debt is something everyone will have in their lifetime. Its the nature of us but there are so many ways to come out of it. You have to have confidence self esteem and determination if you want to come out of it.

I once was in a dark hole but I learned all of these the hard way until i realized this is bullshit im not wasting my life moping around. Do something about it. Ppl here whining about not having a job its bullshit. I worked all kinds of job you name it ive done it.

25 Ways to Get Out of Debt

Garbage collector, poop scraper, gutter cleaner just to get started and it helped. Dear anyone outhere who can help me, i dont know what else i can do. Just hoping someone kind read this. I am a 32 years old mommy. I have 2 daughters 11 and 5 years old. And im now have to pay the moneylenders about usd.